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50g aloe Vera gel
10ml herbal infused oil
5ml thyme tincture
10 drops of lavender essential oil
10 drops of eucalyptus oil

Place the aloe Vera gel into a mixing bowl slowly adding the infused oil, whisking together. Add the essential oils and tincture and whisk again.
Pour into a pump or squeezy bottle.

All of the above ingredients can be brought from there below sources. However, they can also be made from scratch at home using the below methods;

G. Baldwin & Co

Caley's Apothecary

Essentials Oil's Direct

Herbal infused oil – The Sun Method

For this recipe we have chosen to use Almond oil for our base due to its sweet fragrance and it being great for dry and sensitive skin, however sunflower or olive oil can be used instead.
Take a sterilised clear glass jar and add half fill with your freshly dried herbs (we choose lemon balm), then cover with oil. Stir to help get rid of any air bubbles and ensure all the herbs are completely covered. Seal with a lid and leave in a sunny place for 2 weeks making sure to regularly turn the jar.
After 2 weeks the old herbs can be removed by straining through a muslin sieve into a clean and sterilised jar or bottle, then seal.

You can keep the oil in a cool dark place for a year.

Herbal Tincture

Chop the fresh or dried herbs (thyme) in a sterilised jar until two third full. Pour in your chosen spirit (vodka, gin or brandy) until all the herb is covered and seal. Store in a cool dark place for 2 weeks shaking very couple of days.
Once infused, strain the liquid through a fine sieve - squeezing out any excess liquid from the herb. Re-bottle into a sterilised bottle and seal. 

You can keep the tincture for up to 2 years.

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Dog Owner Guides | Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser