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Home Journal Kindred Tales | Diana, Aisha and Kriause | Graphic Designer

Tell us a bit about your work and how it all started

After finishing my graphic design studies, one and a half years ago, I thought a lot about niching down. However, back then I felt like I knew a little bit of everything (branding, packaging, animation) but nothing very well.

That summer after my studies, I started a personal project - creating a logo for every dog breed and posting on social media. I loved the idea of combining few of my passions - designing, dogs and diving into historic details about every breed. As the project progressed, I felt more and more confident in designing logos, branding and creating illustrations. Moreover, the project attracted an amazing audience of like minded people and new clients. It pushed me to embrace the freelance career.

Tell us about your dogs and how they came into your life.

I have two dogs Aisha and Kriause. Aisha is a rhodesian ridgeback. She came into our lives ten years ago, back when my family had a rhodesian ridgeback kennel. I’ve known her from the minute she was born.

Kriause is a wirehaired miniature dachshund. After living with big dogs for so long, we missed that cheerful small dog presence in our home. So, as a complete opposite to our big, composed, serious looking ridgebacks, me and my mom chose a tiny, loud and a bit dishevelled wirehaired dachshund. Kriause was a birthday present for my dad and soon became a great (though sometimes annoying) friend to our elderly ridgeback Aisha.

How does having a dog fit into your general working day?

My dogs usually nap on and off for most of any day. They both love sunshine. So while I’m working, Aisha and Kriause usually mind their own business and search for the best spot to sunbathe near the window. Unless it’s close to dinner time… Then, suddenly, there’s one nose on the table and a sausage dog rolling belly up under my chair.

It’s great having dogs in a workplace. Although our dachshund can be noisy when something interesting is happening outside, her and Aisha’s presence in the home office is generally calming. They make me smile and laugh and make sure I peel my eyes off the screen from time to time.

When you’re not working where do you like to head out to with the dog?

We have quite a big yard, at least looking from a dachshunds point of view. It’s a great place to quickly pop out on a lunch break or relax on the weekends. Now, in the autumn, roe-deers come more and more often to munch on the apples. While Aisha loves to walk about freely and lounge on the terrace, Kriause never stays still. For her, there is no quality time outside without chasing a ball. She just never gets tired of it!

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk, and what do you carry them in?

Our first ridgeback taught us two things. First, was to spot the cyclists from far away and second - you sound way more convincing to your dog if you have some treats in our pocket. So now, besides the essential leashes and poo bags we always carry a bag of treats for our dogs.

What adventures do you have planned with your dog for later this year?

For now, with social distancing rules and the pandemic, there are no big plans. However I’m looking forward to the colourful autumn/winter season and cozy evenings by the fireplace with my dogos.


You can follow Diana, Aisha and Kriause adventures together on instagram and check out Diana's work here

Kindred Tales | Diana, Aisha and Kriause | Graphic Designer