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Tell us a bit about your Kinshipped and how it all started.

I first thought about starting Kinshipped in 2014, I was falling out of love with my non-creative career in the agency world and had seen a gap in the market for something more gender-neutral and minimal in the gifting space. I’d always been creative in my spare time, but largely ignored that side of me for the best part of 12 years. It wasn’t until I started developing the brand in 2017 that it took the sustainable focus that is now so key.

Tell us about your Loki and how he came into your life?

My husband grew up with dogs and for as long as I can remember, wanted one. He asked weekly for 4 years straight, but the idea was always refused as we lived in an apartment in London and worked everyday. After a stint working in Brooklyn, he professed to have found the perfect breed for city/apartment living and one day, when we’d both been freelancing in dog-friendly places for a while, I sent him some puppies and suggested we went and had a look. We figured out the rest, and Loki has been to work with us everyday since.

How does Loki fit into your general working day?

We’ve always made sure he can come to work with either one of us. He’s very much part of the package. If for some reason we can’t take him (Dr’s appointments, or film shoots) we’re lucky to have Stu’s parents nearby who happily entertain him for the day. He’s very suited to office life being calm, quiet, playful if invited, and very happy to be cuddled/loved and loves routine. We’ve always made sure he’s super comfortable wherever we take him and are always sure to take his blanket and chew toys.

When you’re not working where do you like to head out to with the dog?

We’re so spoilt for places to go with your dog in Kent. Loki loves the beach or woods, but his favourite place by far is Oare Marshes - a wildlife reserve on the north Kent coast; it’s our favourite too as there’s a great pub at the end of the walk (Three Mariners). On the evening walks we tend to just head out and let him lead the way.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk?

Beco Compostable Poo bags (in an attachment on his lead), a collapsible dog bowl + water in the summer (in my bag), his jacket in the winter (he is short-haired), lead, and a towel for the car (for rainy days). He has never been interested in a ball or toys for walks, he’s all about sniffs and meeting other dog friends.

What adventures do you have planned with Loki for later this year?

Definitely another dog friendly holiday once we’re able to start planning breaks again - we’ve had some lovely stays in the UK - our favourites being Shingle House in Dungeness, Eden Hall in Norfolk and quite a few of the Canopy and Stars cabins.


You can follow Kayleigh and Loki's adventures on instagram and check out the beautiful range of Kinshipped products here

Kindred Tales | Kayleigh and Loki | Kinshipped