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Home Journal Kindred Tales | Woof Models | An Interview with Sum

Tell us a bit about your work and why you became an illustrator?

My work is all about dogs, dogs, dogs, and the occasional bunnies & cats. With my work, I’m trying to capture the fun side of our little furries personalities, and i tell that through fashion. All my portraits feature some seriously nice clothes from some super designers. I hope anyone would love to wear the clothes I style their dog in. And I try and tell all this in the simplest way I can. My style is simple, elegant, and hopefully fun. I was first inspired by fashion illustration growing up. The way they drew the clothes, the details, the colours, the bold shapes and patterns, I thought it was just so cool. So years later mixed with a love of dogs Woof Models happened.

What inspires your work?

I’m inspired by the owners and their dogs. I’d heard hundreds of stories about all sorts of dogs and each one (let me tell you) is completely different. I might dress up a clumsy dog, whose owner would love for him to be clean and tidy just for once. Or to draw a couple of doodles in some designer fishing gear because they’re all about the boat life.

What inspired you to start Woof Models?

Woof Models came up while my life did a complete 180! I’d decided to finally quit my job and pursue my love for illustration and move to Australia. Australia wasn’t part of the plan but I thought why not? I was in Sydney and looking at all the dogs in the park and along the beach. Missing my Corgi called VV, and I was thinking she’d love it here wearing a beach hat and silk scarf. So, I drew her. And then I drew more. And then I made an Instagram account and website and started getting commissions.

What’s your first memory of dogs being in your life?

Lucky was my first dog memory when I was little. She didn’t have a breed or a background. She just turned up at our house and stayed. We tried to find the owner but we think someone must have abandoned her. So, my dad kept her. We named her Lucky because her tail was all curled up, me and my sister said it looked like a lucky coin.

If you could be a dog for the day which breed would you choose to be and why?

Interesting question, I'd like to be a Lagotto Romagnolo, when it comes to food, they know best because they are the truffle sniffers! Think of all the truffles I could have! Also, I could be rich! Rich with a belly full of truffles!

Favourite all time place to go for a long walk?

By the beach near my parent's house, I have so many memories there, that's VV's favourite spot as well, she loved to run off and splash into the water. Annoying all the fishermen haha! I miss her.

You can follow Sum's work on instagram and visit the WOOF Model Website

Kindred Tales | Woof Models | An Interview with Sum