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Tell us a bit about your work and how you became a Creative Producer

Despite having a background in fashion, I decided to switch direction around 7 years ago and moved from very analogue day-today work screen printing, dyeing and hand painting fabric, to a totally different digital realm when I became studio manager at an AR studio in Holborn, I had to google everything everyone said for about a year before I adjusted to the new jargon! I started working with a small team of developers on virtual try on make up and clothing applications as well as retail solutions, then slowly moved into more artistic concepts. Having now worked in this space for several years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on live tours, kinetic sculpture, catwalk shows and interactive events for brands, and love it, you learn something new on every project as well as meeting plenty of mega-skilled designers and being exposed to beautiful work every day!

Tell us about Bo and how he came into your life?

I have ALWAYS wanted a dog but neither parent particularly likes animals so I was never allowed one when I was younger. When my partner and I decided we were ready to get one ourselves, we collectively made the decision to wait until we had our own house with some outdoor space so a dog could run around amongst some greenery in its own home, which meant that I ultimately waited until I was 33 until I could finally get one, (worth the wait)!

I was perusing dog breeders when I came across a picture of Bo and his sister, so small they could each be held in one hand, the last left of their litter, and ready to go to good homes, I was in love…I called the same day, and chatted to the breeder who seemed lovely and genuinely fond of her dogs, we collected Bo the following month and nothing has been the same since!

How does Bo fit into your general working day?

On a normal day, we get up at around 6am and run to the forest for a walk before work, this is mainly for Bo to burn off some energy before getting to the office, but it’s actually become an essential window of calm for me too, especially if it’s going to be a stressful day. Bo generally comes into work with either myself or my partner Monday to Friday and acts as therapy dog for each of our respective groups of colleagues, so he has a great time skipping from desk to desk getting plenty of love and attention though out the day. He’s done this since he was a puppy, so is well adjusted to the office environment and has his own little safe space, with a bed and blanket to retreat to if he needs. He is generally well behaved, but sadly we have had no success with stopping him jumping on tables to snatch pizza when that comes out on a Friday, and also (occasionally) taken bites out of birthday cakes that go anywhere near him.

When you're not working, where do you like to out out to with Bo?

We are lucky enough to live really close to Epping Forest, so that’s ideal to take him out and get some exercise, plus there’s always somewhere new to go. If you drive out a wee bit further into the forest, there’s a beautiful spot called High Beech which is normally relatively quiet, and you can walk for miles without seeing anyone. If we have a whole day free, the ideal is to go to the beach, we all love the water and Bo has finally got used to the paddle board, (after much training and testing), and will happily get on and paddle out with us for a swim around. When its sunny, and we’ve got some food, that’s the dream day!

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk, and what do you carry them in?

Nothing too unusual, I always try to have treats, a ball, poo bags, my phone and some water, but frequently forget my house keys. They all fit neatly into a lovely brown leather satchel I was gifted a few years ago, it's too fancy for a dog walk but I use it anyway, its nice to have something smart to go with wellies and mud splattered leggings!

What adventures do you have planned with Bo for later this year?

We have a trip to Wales planned later summer which will involve lots of beach time, cliff walks, bbq’s and evening drinks by the sea, assuming lockdown allows us!

You can follow Alex and Bo's adventures together on Alex's instagram page

Kindred Tales | Alex & Bo | Creative Producer