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Home Journal Kindred Tales | An Interview with KANA LONDON

Tell us about Kana and how it all started?

Kana was born from my artist studio, as a functional design focused design studio , that combines art and design. I got focused and specialised a big part of my practice in ceramics. My main focus through Kana are collaborations.
I have been through extended Fine art training, from a unique art high school to Studying Sculpture as my BA and MA at Academy for fine art and Design in Ljubljana and NCAD in Dublin. Alongside my fine art practice and Academic studies, I have been working as producer and project manager for many NGO organisations, developing and executing projects on a national and international scale. Somehow this lead me to work in film as well as in creative studios. I moved to London and ended up working between production, art direction, styling, hospitality and events. My fine art studio practice got somehow compromised but also I became inspired by working with so many creative people and industries, and very quickly got pulled into many exciting collaborations; firstly as artists, and that lead into developing Kana as a studio. Focusing on art meets function, design in material of ceramics. I miss working with other materials sometimes, but here come the future plans for Kana! It is incredible how all experiences are so greatly useful for running my own studio now full time.

What inspires your work?

Nature, my favourite materials and the potential they bring. As an artist I get inspired by materials I use, and the potential they bring to my work.
My own fine art work - is not just inspiration but the foundation for Kana work and collections.
And people, their stories and habits... when it comes to my work, it gets influenced a lot by anthropological point of view and approach at analysing and researching cultures and people’s habits. I always say that people and their stories are like landscapes taking you on a journey. Instead of a daytrip, listen to people around you, there is a lot of inspiring stories you can learn.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

Oh, so many collections that deserve a mention! But to make this most politically correct, I will focus on the future. My latest collection is going to bring back even more of my sculptural approach and texture (have you noticed a small launch of butter rocks? That’s a great example).
Along with some furniture pieces; bringing ceramic into larger scale habitat. It’s been a long time coming! But it feels like coming home. Kana ceramics were born from my sculptures being used as “furniture” once scattered around my mother’s house and my studio after the show would get dismantled and they would find refuge in new life / new function , as door stoppers, side tables, benched, plant pots, coat hangers, shelf brackets.. I always enjoyed that blurry line. I am bringing this back in a full flow.

Where’s your favourite place to go for a walk to switch off?

Swimming in the sea, walking by the sea, just spending time by the sea! The sea is my ultimate missing element for happiness and calm.

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Kindred Tales | An Interview with KANA LONDON