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Tell us about Four and Sons and the inspiration behind the magazine?

Four&Sons is a print/online publication dedicated to dog-centric art, culture, and lifestyle. We publish the work of interesting people and their interesting dogs and offer a guided tour through the worlds of art, photography, design as inspired by man’s best friend. Throughout history, dogs have played many roles—from comrades-in-arms to companions at our heels—and we added muse to that list. In 2013, I launched Four&Sons as a 'passion project’ with Christina Teresinski, who, although is not involved in the magazine anymore, is the godmother to the project. The original muse is a gorgeous black poodle called Walter, who behaves like a puppy trapped in a grumpy old man’s body.

What is your background and why did you choose to publish a magazine dedicated to dogs?

I am graphic designer ‘by day’ and a publisher / editor / creative director / master of none ‘by night’. Born and raised in Barcelona, trained in London, based in Melbourne. The idea to publish the magazine chose me, not the other way round. It was a very happy accident. Over breakfast with Christina we started to list things we both love. We were keen to collaborate on a project combining our passions: dogs, art, culture, magazines. It was a bit of light-bulb moment. What would happen if dogs and culture collided? I was totally hooked on the idea and became a bit of an obsession. I am fascinated by the intimate, somewhat kooky bond between humans and dogs. One of the nicest compliments is being told that Four&Sons is more than a publication. Dogs bring the best out of us.

To date what is your favourite feature issue and feature?

The opening feature in the first issue is still a favourite. It's a photo essay of abandoned, crudely-built, dog houses in the Mojave Desert, in the US, by photographer Mark Ruwedel. There’s not one dog in sight. The images are quite haunting and although you can not see the dogs, can you definitely feel them (and almost hear them). After seven years, it is still relevant to what we do, and to the expectations we challenge regarding the content expected from a ‘dog magazine’.

What’s your first memory of dogs being in your life?

The overall memory is longing. Growing up in a tiny apartment in Barcelona, my parents didn’t allow us to have a dog. The first imaginary 'dog-friend' I obsessed about was Snoopy. I still very much love his deadpan sense of humour.

If you could be a dog for the day which breed would you choose to be and why?

This is like Sophie’s choice! Pushed to choose just one breed, I would settle for the curious stubbornness (and big heart and appetite) of a beagle.

Favourite all time place to go for a long walk?

I love to walk in big cities, for hours; it gives me a sense of belonging anywhere. In Barcelona, I always criss-cross l’Eixample (where the Modernist buildings are) wearing headphones. You can simultaneously feel you are in, looking out, and that you are out, looking in. That’s when the best ideas seem to pop up.

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Kindred Tales | An interview with Marta Roca | Four&Sons Magazine