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Home Journal Kindred Tales | An Interview with Zoe Morton

Tell us about ZM and how you became a jeweller?

One of my earliest memories is of my mum's hands when she used to read me a story at bedtime. As I grew up, I realised I always noticed people’s hands and the jewellery on them. When I was about fourteen, I made a silver ring and loved the process, but never really thought it could be a career. I fell into working for an advertising photographer in London and used to make jewellery in the evenings. After a little exhibition of what I had been making, I decided to quit my job and drive to Italy to learn a little more about the processes involved in jewellery making. From there I have never looked back!

What inspires your work?

Pretty much just being out in nature with family + friends

What is the story behind your latest collection?

My latest collection is called the Aztec Collection and is inspired by some adventures I did years ago in Central and South America. I travelled through Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina. I worked in remote villages and visited ancient ruins and the collection is created from the memories of these incredible interactions with the locals and their landscapes.

Where’s your favourite place to go for a walk to switch of?

Aw, I love to be by the coast! So, it's got to be to a little secret beach in Devon.

What adventures do you have planned for later this year?

Well, I was planning a big trip over to Australia where my partner is from. In the current times, this is on hold until I will be allowed into the country, We’re hoping to get out there by Christmas.

You can check out Zoe's work here and follow her adventures on Instagram

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Kindred Tales | An Interview with Zoe Morton