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 Tell us a bit about your work and why you started your brand, Angie Power?

Originally from Paris and Venice, I moved to London 9 years ago, where I studied History of Design at the Royal College of Art and Victoria and Albert Museum. The V&A’s breath taking fashion and costume archives awakened my fascination for the history of fashion and artistries of the past.
Angie Power began in 2019, a womenswear label with a clear focus on craftsmanship. From bespoke evening wear, the brand has blossomed to a more versatile and fun-filled wardrobe of feathered lace jackets, flounce tops and floor-length cape dresses. I source high quality natural fibre fabrics like silks and cottons as well as dead-stock fabrics to stay in tune with my long term and conscious vision of fashion. I also love working and collaborating with the client and other creatives, incorporating embroideries to create garments likely to be kept for years rather than months.

What inspires your work?

Everything from historical dress and costume collections to mid-century designs and furniture. I love mixing lots of inspirations and revisiting classic 50’s and 60’s designs. The techniques or fabrics drive my creative process and often inspire the garments, such as with Cluny Lace (a family run leavers lace company established in 1845 in Derbyshire), which I use for many of my designs.
Interning for the French designer, Fifi Chachnil has played a big role in the work I do now; Mademoiselle Fifi taught me to always add a touch of playfulness to everything I do! It’s so important not to take fashion and clothing too seriously! It’s about having fun, playing with your alter ego and feeling funky. Feather trimmed jackets and flowy twirling dresses are my speciality.

What’s your earliest memory of dogs being in your life?

My grandfather had a beautiful dog called Misty. I must have been 5 years old, we lived in Venice at the time and she and I would spend hours on end running on the ‘terrazzo’ floor, where we would slide from one end of the room to the other. I just love the endless energy and the purest, most innocent form of joy that dogs bring to people.

Tell us about Luppy and how he came into your life?

While I was talking to a lady about the breed, she told me her dog was about to have puppies and it just happened! Monsieur Luppy just turned up! I got him in my first year of university, which is a lot of responsibility so I’m often asked if I would re-do it had I had the chance, and I guess the answer is no! Because if I had waited to be older to get a dog it would not have been Luppy; and anybody who knows him, knows he is pretty unique.
The name Luppy is a mash up of ‘Lucky’ and ‘Happy’ but he has many other names and personalities. My friends and family have always chipped in and looked after him when I have to go away so they all played a part in naming him: Cloud Wolf, the Dude, Flouff, Lord Mcfluff…. it just keeps on going.

How does having a dog fit into your general working day?

Flouff comes to the atelier with me every day, we have a lovely shared space with other creatives. Although Luppy loves them, he always takes pride in announcing his presence if anyone comes into the studio by barking at them for no reason and then following it up by a very dramatic full body, downward dog stretch. He follows my every move and is always on alert to protect me from the great dangers of life.

Favourite all time place to go for a long walk?

The canal, always! It’s idyllic and a really nice way to start the day. There are no cars, so I can just walk and walk without having to worry about Luppy, he just does his thing and always follows. He also loves chilling in the middle of the towpath getting in the way of everyone but gets away with it because he’s cute. When it’s not the canal it’s the flower-filled streets of de Beauvoir or London Fields for early walks with a friend.

You can follow Angèle and Luppy together on instagram and check out the beautiful collections of Angie Power here

Photography by Liz Seabrook

Kindred Tales | Angèle and Luppy | Angie Power