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Tell us a bit about your work and why you became an Artist?

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I studied object design in school for 5 years, but it’s only after graduating that I realized drawing was the medium that made me feel good and that I truly thrived on. So I started doing freelance work. I can’t say that it is easy every day, but I like the challenge of commissioned work —it allows me to improve, develop and explore paths of my imagination that I might have not gone down otherwise.
I have always wanted to share emotions, the subtle kind of emotions that can only be shared through images, the kind that needs no words. I believe images to have an incredible power, and being an illustrator allows me to speak of the things I cannot say with words.

What inspires your work?

I have always been inspired by nature, the stars and animals (dogs and wolves in particular) but lately what inspires me the most is the emotions that run through me. How to bring them to life in pictures. As I draw them, I feel like I am echoing what others are going through, and bringing kindness and love to this complicated but somehow very enlightening time. We are all going through a lot of questions and the important thing is that behind it all, at the end of the road, there is always light and joy. The images have a sort of mirror effect, and what could be more beautiful than the development of a lifetime.

Tell us about Récif and how they came into your life?

My earliest memory of a dog being in my life is very recent. Even if I have drawn a lot of dogs, I have not had one in my close family. My very first dog is almost 5 months old, called Récif and an Australian Shepherd! I was super excited to finally be able to adopt a dog. And it's been a real upheaval in my life. I have always had cats, so the extreme need for attention that a puppy requires was very new to me. But I am so grateful that he came into my life. He brings me a lot of love and makes us (me and my boyfriend) laugh a lot. He is a real everyday partner!

How does having a dog fit into your general working day?

The advantage of being self-employed is that I organize my time as I wish. But now it’s Récif that gives rhythm to my days and that's a real plus! We usually go for a long walk in the morning together. I am lucky enough to live very close to the sea (on the pink granite coast in Bretagne)! It's a real moment of freedom for him, and for me. These walks, exploring new corners with Récif, allow me to clear my mind, think of nothing else and enjoy the sounds of nature. And even on lazy days, he forces me to go out and walk —and once I’m doing it, I'm happy. In the afternoon I work in my office and he alternates between long naps and play time. In the evening he goes out for a walk with my boyfriend who also needs to clear his head after a long day of work

What's your favourite all time place to go for a long walk?

I am lucky to have moved to Brittany by the sea, in Lannion, 5 months ago. My favorite places remain the beaches on the coast. I could not choose because we are still exploring them all at the moment and the landscapes are always so beautiful and so different. But running on the beach, playing ball with the sound of the waves in the background, sticking my feet in the sand, climbing the rocks, feeling the wind and the sea spray in my hair, there is nothing better for me, and for Récif also I think.

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Kindred Tales | Apolline & Récif | Illustrator