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Magnum Dogs | Thames & Hudson 

Magnum Dogs is the ultimate collection of canine photography for the discerning dog lover, bringing together a brilliantly diverse and cheering selection that showcases the visual wit and skill of the Magnum team. It features some 180 photographs of dogs from across the world, organised into five thematic chapters – Streetwise, Best in Show, At the Beach, Behind the Scenes and It's a Dog's Life. Canine encounters include immaculately coiffured showdogs captured in wryly observed photography from the likes of Martin Parr and Harry Gruyaert, or intimate glimpses of Hollywood stars alongside their trusted, four-legged confidants, as seen through the lenses of Eve Arnold and Dennis Stock. Whether depicting strays roaming the streets of Colombia or pampered pooches lounging in Parisian apartments, these photos brim with affection, humour and insight into the human as well as canine condition.

 Magnum Dogs | Thames & Hudson | Shop Here

Dog Friendly | Four & Sons

Dog-Friendly is a collection of city guides for dog-loving people. For over a year, the Four&Sons team have been sniffing out the best places to explore with our pups by our side—from sprawling parks and tucked-away art galleries to stylish hotel suites and canine-friendly cafés.

Just like the magazine, the guides will feature a mix of beautiful photography, insider intel, maps and illustrations. Created together with long-time contributor, photographer Winnie Au, whether you’re a local or just passing through, these guides will help you discover just how much more fun you can have when your four-legged friend takes the lead.

Dog Friendly | Four & Sons | Shop Here


Nicole England is a Melbourne-based architecture and interiors photographer who has worked with many of the industry’s top architects and designers, both in Australia and abroad. Her photography brings the everyday spaces we inhabit into focus, highlighting the artistry and the beauty that is often overlooked.

In this stunningly photographed book of architecturally superb houses - many of them architects’ own homes - we see how the presence of a dog brings warmth and life to the most dramatic spaces. From mid-century brick to a penthouse apartment, gracious Edwardian to Scandinavian modern, from beach house to country retreat, there is always room for a dog or two.


'DoBeDogs' | Raf Fellner

T-Shirt #28 in the DoBeDo Photographers Series is 'DoBeDogs' by Raf Fellner.

This 16 page booklet of Raf Fellner's photos of dogs photographed between 2007 and 2020, also comes with a T-Shirt featuring a photo of his huge Irish wolfhound John Terry.

'DoBeDogs' | Raf Fellner | Shop Here


What is dog was one of us | Joby Barnard

Joby Barnard never pictured himself drawing dogs. Until Clem, that is. Twice-a-day outings with the whippet and countless encounters of the dog kind inspired his book, What if Dog was One of Us? The book skilfully pairs crisp line illustrations and witty captions to breathe life into a band of lovable characters
imagine if dogs wore clothes, had jobs and dreams – just like us. Would different breeds suit different vocations? Might they grapple with status anxiety or ethical shopping choices? Are they aware of the inexorable passing of time, or how much all those tennis balls really cost?

This little book of drawings answers none of these questions really, but it might make you look at our four-legged friends in a new way.

What is dog was one of us | Joby Barnard | Shop Here

Bread and a Dog | Natsuko Kuwahara

A food stylist who began her career as a pastry chef in a bakery, Kuwahara found Kipple on an animal fostering website and duly adopted her nine years ago. Living in the Nakano district of Tokyo, she describes her beloved dog as “self-effacing and slow tempo, sometimes stiff-necked, but calm and peaceful. She lives at her own pace.”
When Kuwahara began to upload to the internet some of the pictures she had taken, the mixture of tantalising meals and an inquisitive furry face proved irresistible and she soon found a sizeable following. The project has now been turned into a book, Bread and a Dog, which comes with recipes for the dishes that are teasing the mixed-breed pooch, such as black-sesame pancakes and banana-coconut muffins.

Bread and a Dog | Natsuko Kuwahara | Shop Here

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