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Feed Me | Liviana Prola

Pets are regarded as cherished members of the family, and their owners care about their health and wellbeing as much as they would their own. “You are what you eat,” as the saying goes – and it’s as true of dogs as it is for us. More and more people are switching their pets to homemade meals as an affordable, well-balanced and tasty alternative to shop-bought food. Feed Me offers all the recipes and guidance to make the change to cooking your dog’s meals from scratch incredibly simple.
Delicious dishes include carrot risotto with seared beef, puffed rice patties, rabbit stew with potatoes and kefir, coconut-scented couscous, and quinoa with squash and lamb ragu. With beautiful illustrations by Kevin Waldron – author of Phaidon’s children’s title, Harold’s Hungry Eyes – this book is the only companion you’ll need to make dog-friendly recipes full of real ingredients, love and tasty goodness!


A Dog A Day | Sally Muir

Charming and whimsical, A Dog a Day is a must for all dog lovers, a loving collection that guarantees a year’s worth of tail-wagging sweetness. Drawing on the substantial collection of artwork by Sally Muir, A Dog a Day is an irresistible collection of 365 beautiful portraits of dogs of all shapes and sizes, depicted in a range of mediums—from loosely worked sketches, prints, and charcoal drawings to oil paintings and lithographs. The artwork is accompanied by short anecdotes throughout, that reflects on these beloved animals’ goofy, loyal, and spunky dispositions. 


Bread and a Dog | by Natsuko Kuwahara

A food stylist who began her career as a pastry chef in a bakery, Kuwahara found Kipple on an animal fostering website and duly adopted her nine years ago. Living in the Nakano district of Tokyo, she describes her beloved dog as “self-effacing and slow tempo, sometimes stiff-necked, but calm and peaceful. She lives at her own pace.”
When Kuwahara began to upload to the internet some of the pictures she had taken, the mixture of tantalising meals and an inquisitive furry face proved irresistible and she soon found a sizeable following. The project has now been turned into a book, Bread and a Dog, which comes with recipes for the dishes that are teasing the mixed-breed pooch, such as black-sesame pancakes and banana-coconut muffins.

Dog About Town | Louise Glazebrook


Dog About Town, urban dog trainer and behaviorist Louise Glazebrook offers essential wisdom for any current or potential dog owners. From advice on which breed of pooch is right for you, to behavioral advice, food, sleeping arrangements and tissue obsessions (as well as countless other things you hadn't even thought of), this book has something for every puppy or dog owner.

With a slant on urban living, Dog About Town is the perfect addition for anyone whose dog needs to be socialised beyond the confines of their backyard. Fun and informative, Louise's witty book is beautifully illustrated throughout


My Dog Tulip | by J. R. Ackerley

Heart warming and profound, this account of one writer's relationship with his beloved German shepherd is a masterpiece of animal literature.
The distinguished British man of letters J. R. Ackerley hardly thought of himself as a dog lover when, well into middle age, he came into possession of a German shepherd. To his surprise, she turned out to be the love of his life, the “ideal friend” he had been searching for in vain for years. My Dog Tulip is a bittersweet retrospective account of their sixteen-year companionship, as well as a profound and subtle meditation on the strangeness that lies at the heart of all relationships. In vivid and sometimes startling detail, Ackerley tells of Tulip’s often erratic behaviour and very canine tastes, and of his own fumbling but determined efforts to ensure for her an existence of perfect happiness.

Lost Dog | A Love Story | by Kate Spicer

Kate is a middle aged woman trying to steer some order into a life that is going off the rails. When she adopts a lurcher called Wolfy, the shabby rescue dog saves her from herself.
But when the dog disappears, it is up to Kate to hit the streets of London and find him. Will she save him, as he has saved her - or will she lose everything?
Trying to find her dog tests her relationship, and her sanity, to its limits – and gets her thinking about her life, and why things have turned out as they have for her.
A brilliant, life-affirming memoir, Lost Dog is a book like no other about the myth of modern womanhood.

Dog Show 1961–1978 | Hoxton Mini Press

When Shirley Baker began taking photographs at dog shows in the 1960s, the hair-dos of the owners were more impressive than those of their groomed canines. Not only a fascinating portrait of the phenomenon, Dog Show also captures the tender, amusing and at times obsessive relationship between humans and their dogs.
With an introduction by Lucinda Gosling, this book is published in collaboration with Mary Evans Picture Library.

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Kindred Tales | Book Guide for Dog Lovers