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Tell us a bit about your work and how it all started

I'm a Portuguese but London based actress, content creator and writer. I started my career as a child actor doing several bits on Portuguese TV until I decided to come to London to study my craft, acting. That's when I started exploring another passion of mine, photography. Between acting jobs, I created a lifestyle blog, MIRA-ME, to keep my creativity flowing. There I covered fashion, interiors, travel, literature and wrote profiles on people I admire. Soon the blog started to grow, allowing me to develop relationships with brands and create content for them. That quickly became a real job. My goal is to keep being creative and telling stories, whether that's on-screen or online.

Tell us about your Ripley and how he came into your life

My partner and I got our first home last year. We both grew up with dogs and always wanted to have one. It seemed like now that we had the space, we could finally commit to that. Even though we had been thinking about getting a dog for a while, when it came to the day we were quite impulsive. We saw a picture of him online in the morning and the afternoon we went to visit him. When you go see a puppy, that's it! We loved him immediately and spent the whole drive back home trying to decide what to call him.

How does Ripley fit into your general working day?

I don't have a set schedule, so Ripley is always with me, usually snuggling up under the table by my feet while I work. My other half is also allowed to take him into the office so, on less busy days, he does so (needless to say, he charms everyone at work). During the lockdown, it was great to have him as we would schedule his walk for lunchtime, forcing us to step away from our laptops and enjoy the outdoors for a bit.

When you’re not working where do you like to head out to with the dog?

When we're not working we love going to Hackney Marshes, Epping forest or Hampstead heath. Unfortunately, Ripley was only a puppy when we went into lockdown so we haven't had a chance to grab a car and explore the countryside with him.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk, and what do you carry them in?

We always carry a ball as he loves to fetch, as well as lots of yummy and healthy treats to reward him for all his good behaviour. Sometimes I carry all of that just in my pockets, other times I take a tote or a backpack in case I'm planning to stay out for longer and want to lay in the grass reading a book or having a bite to eat.

What adventures do you have planned with the Ripley for later this year?

I'm super excited to take him to Cornwall in November and go on some lovely walks. But I also can't wait to cross town and go to Richmond park with him, it's one of our favourite places in London and I haven't had a chance to go there with him yet. Life is just a lot more exciting and rewarding with a companion like Ripley, I never thought I could feel so much love for him. He is only a puppy and we have a lifetime of adventures together ahead!

Kindred Tales | Catarina and Ripley | MIRA - ME