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Tell us about the Form Lifestyle Store

We believe in slow-living and taking a thoughtful approach to buying – choosing to buy fewer, well-considered products that have been made to last and that will be cherished for years to come. Everything that you see, we would genuinely love to have in our home (and in most cases do have) or would love to gift to others.
We choose, and encourage others, to 'shop independent' allowing small makers and businesses the opportunity to grow. We aim to make this more accessible by collating quality products that have been on a produced on a small scale, with care, and with respect to the environment, that you won't find readily available elsewhere.
We also use our space to host a range of workshops, events and pop-ups, run by both the makers that we stock and by other local creatives

Tell us about Rudy and how he came into your life.

After we moved from London to Manchester, we had much more free time as I was working from home (before we opened the shop) and we also had more space, so it felt like the right time to start looking for a pup. Rudy was the last one left of a litter, he had odd coloured eyes, a chubby little face, and very long legs and we fell in love with him.

How does Rudy fit into a general working day?

When we're both at the shop, we'll usually take Rudy along with us. He sits up on the mezzanine level, on his wicker chair, keeping an eye on everything going on. Our customers love him and he loves attention, so usually he'll pop down for cuddles when people come in! He'll also go into the office with Harry from time to time, where he's happy to be in his bed for most of the day, as long as he can be covered up and cosy.

When you’re not working, where do you and Rudy like to hang out?

We take Rudy almost everywhere with us, to cafes, bars, and when we go away we always look for dog-friendly places to stay. We take him to the country park close to our house most evenings, and during lockdown we managed to sneak onto a local golf course where we could let him zoom around off lead. He also enjoys long walks in the peak district - he's especially good at climbing hills - or a good run around in the sand at Formby beach.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out with Rudy, and what do you carry them in?

Rudy loves to be cosy and will only settle for a long time if he's on (or inside) his blanket, so we'll always make sure to take this with us, along with his treats and biodegradable doggy bags. We use his Kintails lead if he’s coming to the shop or if we’re heading into town with him.

What adventures do you and Rudy have planned for the rest of the year?

We're off to stay in a cottage in Wales next week, and we've looked up lots of long walks to take him on. We'll also be visiting Harry's parents in the countryside, as they have lots of space where he can run around with their Jack Russell Meg and then cosy up next to the fire in the evening.

You can follow Elly, Harry and Rudy's adventures together on instagram and you can check out the Form Lifestyle store here

Kindred Tales | Elly, Harry and Rudy | Form Lifestyle Store