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Tell us a bit about The Wilton Way Deli and how it all started

I live on Wilton Way, and the Wilton Way Cafe used to be my local coffee shop. One evening, after coming back from a weekend in Ibiza where I met lots of young, brave and entrepreneurial girls, I was in the local pub with a few friends and neighbours, feeling particularly inspired, and a bit tipsy, I guess. So, when someone mentioned that the café was closing down, after the initial disappointment and worry of what would replace it, I just said “I’ll take it! No way our local coffee shop is going to be taken out of the community!”. A few days later I met with the landlord, who was happy with my idea to evolve it to a deli, and despite the numerous offers he had, he decided to give it to me.

Tell us about Osvaldo and how he came into your life.

About 15 years ago when I lived in NY I met someone walking their Kerry Blue Terrier. I don’t know what it was with that dog, something about his energy, and elegant look..
Anyway, I never wanted a dog, very conscious of the hard work and commitment it required. But my husband and son begged me for years. In a moment of weakness (I had a proper breakdown, after years of overworking trying to be wonder woman with the perfect career and a family), I agreed to it, and the day after my husband had located a litter and arranged for us to visit. Lots of doubts still, but when I held Osvaldo I felt instant love!

How does your Osvaldo fit into your general working day?

Currently is very tricky, since the lockdown I haven’t had a day off, trying to keep my deli open. He goes to day care 2 or 3 days a week, so I know that he’s socialised and has fun with his friends. Every afternoon or evening we take him to the Marshes for a nice long walk.
Spending time with Osvaldo was the biggest reason that pushed me to take on the deli. I thought he would be the deli dog, sleeping and chilling in the corner. Unfortunately he turned out to be a bit of a barker, particularly at the deli, so I can’t have him there with me! Maybe as he gets older..

When you’re not working where do you like to hang out with the dog?

Our local park is London Fields, but it’s so busy all the time, I don’t enjoy walking him there anymore.
So we walk to Hackney Downs, or the Marshes.
Our favourite place is Wanstead park. Osvaldo absolutely loves it there! Taking him to a beach is also a particularly nice day for him, he goes crazy in the sand!

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk, and what do you carry them in?

I always have a water bottle and treats. I’m still to find the perfect sized bag to carry them in. Ideally it should be a body bag, as I want to feel free to run around with him. 

What adventures do you have planned with Osvaldo for later this year?

We are talking about driving to Italy and stopping in different places on the way. Also a possible camping weekend or a cottage by the British seaside. Difficult to plan at the moment, with the deli and the lockdown, but hopefully we’ll be able to go somewhere.

You can follow Francesca & Osvaldo adventures together on the Wilton Way Deli Instagram Page

Kindred Tales | Francesca & Osvaldo | Wilton Way Deli