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What inspired kintails?

Kintails was born out of my love for dogs – I wanted to create a place where dog owners could come and feel part of a community. Like when you meet a fellow dog owner in the park, and you share your experiences with each other.

Tell us about George and Frank and how they came into your life?

George is our 12 year old border terrier and the total boss of our home (and office!). He was the only boy in a litter of 7 and we were called by the breeder to ask if we could pick him up a couple of days earlier than planned as he was terrorising his mum and sisters wanting to play the whole time and nothing much has really changed since then. He may be 12 but he still loves nothing more than a long walk in the morning and an afternoon play with his toys. He is very set in his ways (I now refer to him as ‘the little old man’), extremely loyal and loves nothing more than evening cuddles. Frank is our 10 year old mini Schnauzer and such a mummy’s boy. He has a wonderful free spirit and his love for adventure is infectious, along with his smile. However last year Frank went totally blind overnight. It was a total shock, especially for a dog that was at his happiest when off his lead and running free. We have worked really hard over the past year with training to be able to still allow him some of his much loved freedom while out on our walks and given half the chance he off looking for people to make a fuss of him. They both are my world, the happiness they bring to our lives is something really special.

What’s your earliest memory of dogs being in your life?

As much as both myself and my sister wanted a dog when we were growing up my mum just couldn’t afford it, so it wasn’t until I had left home for uni that we finally got our first family dog and she was worth the wait. Ruby was the most beautiful boxer dog, she really was a special soul – A best friend to both me and my sister. We would take her down to the beach and all 3 of us was would enjoy an ice lolly on the way home (Ruby loved an ice pop). She would always come in a check on us when we were in our rooms and she gave the best dog hugs.

If you could be a dog for the day which breed would you choose to be and why?

I would have to say a Border Terrier – They love adventure and have no fear! I love the idea of being able to go on a 10 mile walk and still have the energy for more. And the fact they get away with looking grumpy and cute at the same time is a special skill!

Favourite all time place to go for a long walk?

We love the walk from Trevone in North Cornwall around to Trevose head, before looping back via Harlyn Bay. However, since Frank went blind it is more enjoyable for them to visit beaches when the tide is out. This gives Frank the freedom to be off the lead and interact with other dogs while George is busy playing with his ball.

What exciting projects are you working on this year?

We have a beautiful collaboration coming out in Autumn which I can’t wait to share. Plus we are also working on a very big and exciting project which should hopefully be ready to announce either later this year or early 2021!

Photography by Sarah Bates


Kindred Tales | Genesta, George and Frank | kintails