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Tell us a bit about MARAZUL and the inspiration behind the brand?

MARAZUL is fundamentally a women’s workwear brand. I try to create pieces to really live in, every day. Shapes that flatter but with all the big pockets, sturdy fabrics and fluid cuts that you need in your everyday life.
It stems from a previous, possibly much more glamorous life, where I travelled all over the world for work and needed clothes to really work for me. They needed to get thrown in a bag, run from job to job and still look good.
It’s a lot of overalls, dad shirts and two pieces. I am obsessed with flared work trousers.

What inspires your work?

Now that I live by the sea full time, and travel is much less. I'm inspired by what I see and the people I am surrounded by. People and place, the spaces we inhabit and how we interact with these.
I love to see how people wear the clothes, the stories they tell. Worn in knees, washed out indigos, a frayed pocket, this is how the clothes should be worn. They tell stories of a well lived life.

What’s your first memory of dogs being in your life?

We have always had dogs in our family, they were like the additional children. Growing up, I was obsessed with them, they came everywhere with me. I was a proper little scruffy adventurer, heading out all day with a couple of dogs in tow. I still am completely obsessed with them I think, and as much as I try to not be, still quite scruffy,

Tell us about your Bodhi and how she came into your life?

Bodhi beats me on the scruff bag status. She is a Romanian street dog, and she is every bit sassy street dog. We got her through a charity when she was just 4 months old, the ears really got to us. We called her mouse for months, just these big old bewildered ears. She is a very independent woman, something I usually respect hugely, but when you are flying down the beach running after your dog like a lunatic, you would take dependant any day.

How does having a dog fit into your general working day?

I work from home so she is with me all day, every day. She comes everywhere with me, including shoots, shows and events, she loves the social side of it all. Sometimes a little too much. I love that we have our routines, a little walk in the morning before work and then in the afternoon around 4pm, we go out for miles, see the sea, usually get totally windswept or soaked. She’s a great all weathers kinda gal.

Where is your favourite place to go for a walk?

We walk and run for miles. I have run the coast paths with her since she was tiny, it’s such a joy to be able to do and I am aware we are incredibly lucky. Having her has brought a whole new level of enjoyment to exploring where we live, we have covered some serious miles together, scrambling up cliffs and exploring new beaches. She isn’t a swimmer, but she does love to howl at us when we do swim, just to really shatter any illusion of peace and quiet.
Favourite place is a tough one. Anywhere next to the sea, where its really wild and rugged and you are totally open to the elements. Maybe somewhere she can’t run off….

You can follow Harri and Bodhi's adventures together on instagram and check out Marazul here

Kindred Tales | Harri and Bodhi | Marazul Clothing