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Home Journal Kindred Tales | Imogen Milburn | Artist

Tell us a bit about your work and why you became an illustrator?

I’ve been drawing and painting since before I can remember. Although I’ve never had a dog, I’ve always been obsessed with other peoples’ dogs! I used to paint pet portraits - something which I still do from time to time. I also studied textile design, so I love anything to do with print or colour.
My work has recently evolved into digital illustration. I love how quickly this allows me to make use of my ideas. I like to create things that are beautiful, fun and to have an element of comedy. It’s not something to be taken too seriously and I want to make people smile.

What inspires your work?

Pet personalities, puns, local eccentrics, and the idea of animals doing human things.

What’s your first memory of dogs being in your life?

My Grandparents had an adorable Jack Russell that was always sweet natured and kind to guests… Until it was time for them to leave. He would stand by the door snarling and growling.

If you could be a dog for the day which breed would you choose to be and why?

I would definitely be a whippet! I feel as though they’re me in dog-form - superficially and in personality. Although I love the outdoors, I’m quite happy snuggling on the sofa with a blanket and my favourite snacks.
One of my favourite scenes from a children’s film is in 101 Dalmatians where every person who walks past is the carbon copy of their dog. It makes me happy to see people who look like their dogs in real life because it’s the epitome of English eccentricity.

Favourite all time place to go for a long walk?

Living in Yorkshire, I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by lovely countryside. Recently, my favourite place to walk is Roundhay park. There are lots of nice cafes in the area and the park provides perfect vantage points for taking in the scenery, people watching, and of course dog watching!

You can follow Imogen's work on instagram, and check out Paintings by Imogen Etsy store here

Kindred Tales | Imogen Milburn | Artist