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Home Journal Kindred Tales | Jess, Pete & Loki | Dos Studio

Tell us how Loki came into your life.


We’d talked about getting a dog for a long time, but never seriously considered it until Pete left his old job and we started up our business, Dos. Having Greenwich Park at our doorstep, we thought it would be a total shame NOT to get a dog. We imagined we might end up with a whippet, but also both loved the look of Irish wolfhounds; then one day were on a little break in Totnes and came across what looked like a miniature wolfhound. After a bit of googling, we discovered Bedlington x whippets and that’s where our search for a dog began in earnest.

However, it was pretty difficult to come across these little guys – they’re pretty common in the North, but not so much down this way. Eventually though, we got lucky. A lady in Norwich, who looks after and rehomes lurcher rescues, had bred her beddy whip with another, and Loki was one of the pups. He was the last to go out of the litter (a sale that fell through), and when I saw his photo, I told Pete we HAD TO HAVE HIM. I let Pete do all the talking over the phone for fear of stuffing it up, and his charm seemed to work – we were granted permission to come see the dog and the next day drove up to meet him and take him home. We really had no idea how to look after a puppy, but have somehow managed so far. Although our lives have changed dramatically, we love him loads and can’t believe how fast we bonded with this big personality – stubborn, funny, affectionate and confident – sometimes it feels like we have a little teenager in the house but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Could you tell us a little about Dos?


Dos is a design studio – we mainly create bespoke websites for brands – from copywriting and UX to design and build. We have a great appreciation for simple things done well and this is our approach to work, too. We love to partner with all sorts of brands and people, so long as they’re nice and trusting! We’ve done websites for Desmond & Dempsey, AFFIX Works, Stretch London, to name a few.

Pete and I decided to set up our business together because our skills are complementary and we have similar tastes – we are married to each other, so this helps!

How does having a dog fit into your general working day?


The day starts at around 7am; we let Loki out of his crate and he slowly wakes up, usually by rubbing himself up and down the sofa. We’ll eat breakfast and he’ll sit his head in my lap, hoping I drop some breakfast or will feed him last remnants of yoghurt out of the tub.

Depending on the day, one or both of us will head to Greenwich Park, have a little run around, then head to our studio in Greenwich. It’s quite a new space (we’ve been working from home up until recently), so Loki is still getting used to it, but mostly spends his time lounging about. He has his zoomy moments in the afternoon, but is generally lazy during the day, going from bed to rug and back again, with the occasional bark at other dogs passing by. Around 5:30ish, we head back home through the park before it closes at 6.

When you’re not working, where do you and Loki like to hang out?


We spend a lot of time at Greenwich Park, where he has a lot of dog friends and all their owners are super friendly. He’s not GREAT at pubs unless he’s knackered, but we do like Hare & Billet which is very dog-friendly. We’d love to take him to the coast. He doesn’t like water and actively avoids puddles but I have a feeling he’d love to dig a few holes.

What essentials do you always have on you when you head out for a dog walk, and what do you carry them in?


Adios Plastic poo bags, treats (alternating between boiled chicken, M&S cocktail sausages and liver treats), a ball or Frisbee and we usually carry everything in our pockets.

What adventures do you and Loki have planned for the rest of the year?


Sadly, nothing planned as we are so busy with work! But we hope to get in at least a day trip out of London, maybe near the coast or countryside. I’m quite keen to check out Cabu Cabins at St Mary’s Bay.

To find out more about Dos visit their Website or check out their Instagram Page

Kindred Tales | Jess, Pete & Loki | Dos Studio