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Tell us about Ralphy and how he came into your life

I’ve wanted a dog pretty much since I can remember, and a cavapoo in particular for a good few years, because of their loving nature and calm but fun temperament. I badgered my boyfriend Joe for us to get one as soon as we moved in together and after years of secretly saving pictures of cavapoo‘s as the screen saver on his phone, finally managed to persuade him when he was drunk on pasta and red wine in Italy last year.
We got Ralphy from a breeder last January (unfortunately we couldn’t find a Cavapoo in a rescue home as we’d obviously prefer to do that), and there’s no words to describe how much happiness he’s brought us ever since!

How does Ralphy fit into your general day working?

I’m quite fortunate that my lifestyle allows Ralphy to come along with me almost everywhere I go. He’s the perfect sidekick! I work mainly from home but try to mix up our ‘office venues’ as much as possible to keep it interesting! Anything from a notebook and pen in the park to a laptop and juice in a coffee shop… just anywhere that’s dog friendly. Then we have plenty of breaks for walks or playtime so Ralphy doesn’t get bored (or me!).

When you’re not working where do you and Ralphy like to hang out?

Ralphy (like most dogs I’m sure) is obsessed with nature and running in big open spaces. We live in North London and are surrounded by so many parks, woods and nature walks that we get to go on a big walk twice a day in really beautiful places. We also go on lots of little breaks together, so many hotels and restaurants are dog friendly now so we have the opportunity to go on plenty of adventures together.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

My handbag has basically become the Mary Poppins bag of the dog world, which is always great when you’re on a night out and accidentally pull out a string of poo bags while trying to pay for your drink. We generally carry a doggy water bottle, treats, a chew toy and a ball, as well as his Kintails collar, lead and coat in the winter. We’ve also recently discovered how amazing coconut oil is to keep Ralphy’s paws from getting dry and cracked, as well as cleaning the inside of his ears with, so there’s usually a little pot of that floating around too.

What adventures do you and Ralphy have planned for the rest of the year?

As soon as we can go back out again we’re hoping to go on plenty of camping trips and little breaks around the UK. Ralphy loves the beach, plus he’s really good with travelling so we’d love to take him to Cornwall and probably a trip to the New Forest. Then once we can travel again, we can go on a proper little family holiday drive to France.

You can follow Josephine and Ralphy's adventures together on the The House of Bohème instagram page


Kindred Tales | Josephine & Ralphy | The House of Boheme