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Home Journal Kindred Tales | Laura and Arthur | House of Lady Muck (HOLM)

Tell us a bit about House of Lady Muck and the inspiration behind the brand?

Born out of the need to create a personable and fun nail experience, and the fact my Mum always called me Lady Muck, HOLM was born! We have grown from a nail salon to a beauty and lifestyle brand - launching our natural, vegan and UK products last year. We now have a Lifestyle Concept store in Hackney and we wholesale our products across the UK. We are an inclusive, straight talking community who strive to bring a moment of happiness to people’s lives.

What inspires your work?

The need to have a moment’s peace in this rat race we call life. Life can be tough, I wanted HOLM to make every moment of self-care mean something. All my products have been made out of personal experiences, so our Calming Sleep Spray was made because I struggled to sleep and caused me anxiety. So, I wanted to make a product that helped people to relax and de-stress. I am also a HUGE fan of scents and fragrance, so each product is really unique.

What’s your first memory of dogs being in your life?

My boxer dog Holly when I was a kid - she was everything to me. When I was being naughty and knew there was a chance of being told off, I would run and hide and sit in her bed with her, with my arms wrapped around her neck. She was so patient with me. I remember her being so soft and kind - I knew then there was something special about dogs.

Tell us about Arthur and how he came into your life?

King Arthur, my son. He means the world to me. Everyone that knows me, knows we come as a pair. He’s 6 now and I got him has a puppy. People think I have lost the plot when I say that I believe Arthur is one of my soulmates. We have such a strong bond - he makes me laugh every day -without fail! He is a big baby who is stubborn AF.

How does having a dog fit into your general working day?

Because Arthur is such an angel, the most chilled and anxiety-free dog - he makes my life as a dog owner very easy. I can bring him to my shop and he just potters around, then sleeps all afternoon. But if I am out and about at meetings then he chills at home and then our dog walker walks him at lunch, who he adores. Which means I have no need to worry about him.

If you could be a breed of dog for the day which breed would you be and why?

Hahahha LOLS I think my mates would say a Frenchie because me and Arthur have such a similar personality! Chilled, stubborn, demands attention when we want it and love an afternoon nap.

You can follow Laura and Arthurs adventures together on instagram and visit the HOLM website here

Kindred Tales | Laura and Arthur | House of Lady Muck (HOLM)