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Tell us a bit about your work and the Neighbourhood Skate Club.

I work in the world of outdoor and action sports brand marketing. I now work agency side with a company called All Conditions Media, where we have the pleasure of working with some of the world’s leading brands in this category including adidas, Arc’teryx and YETI.
Outside of my ‘proper’ job, I run a women’s focussed skate community called Neighbourhood Skate Club, which aims to create more opportunities for women in the UK to skate, connect and community- built. I teach 1-2-1 skate lessons and host regular community events and workshops. My goal is to create a supportive and collaborative environment, encouraging our community to get on boards, take up space, use their voice and feel good.
While Neighbourhood is centred around skateboarding, we are also committed to ‘speaking up’ and ‘standing up’ for ourselves and others, addressing issues such as consent, street harassment, domestic violence, sexual harassment, catcalling and male violence against women - while offering support to survivors and victims.

What inspires your work?

Outdoors adventure is my true passion and inspiration, which drive my creative ideas and output during the working day and beyond. Growing up in the Scottish hills, fresh air and nature has always been something I crave. Sports like skateboarding, snowboarding and cycling make sure I get my fair share of fresh air and adventure.
As far as Neighbourhood Skate Club is concerned, the inspiration comes from the joy that I experience when I skateboard and a desire to share that with other women. My own lived experiences over the years have been the real impetus for doing this work, both as a skateboarder and a woman working in the heavily male dominated action sports industry, where my experiences have not always been positive. I am dedicated to making my industry more inclusive, diverse, accessible and welcoming for everyone.

What’s your first memory of dogs being in your life?

Moro is my first ever dog and although I’ve had lots of close friends with pups, I had no idea just how much having a dog would positively affect me. She really is my best friend. My partner Joaquin and I picked up Moro during the pandemic last year and she has been such a special addition to our lives.

Tell us about Moro and how she came into your life?

Moro is a 1 year old Dalmatian Collie cross, with one blue eye and one brown. We love her markings and her playful spirit. She has a little tear drop black patch under one of her eyes that reminded us of a prison tattoo when we first saw her and we just couldn’t resist.
Moro loves playing more than anything. She has been really well socialised since the day she was allowed on the ground and it has helped us immensely when it comes to trusting her in new spaces, with new people or in new circumstances.
She’s loves the beach, but is slightly afraid of the waves so our summer mission is to teach her to swim in the sea!

How does having a dog fit into your general working day?

I work remotely from home, which allows me the opportunity to walk Moro as often as required and play with her throughout the day. Although I work super closely with my colleagues and we’re on video calls all day, sometimes working remotely can be lonely, so having a dog to hang out with really helps me get through the day.

My partner Jo is a tattoo artist, so when he is home and not working, he loves taking her for long walks, instantly followed by a nap with Moro under his arm.

If you could be a breed of dog for the day which breed would you be and why?

A Dalmatian Collie of course - I spend half my day wondering what is going through Moro’s head, so this would be my opportunity! She is so food motivated, so I’m sure she is probably just be thinking of chicken!

You can follow Lyndsay and Moro's adventures together on instagram and find out more about Neighbourhood Skate Club here.

Kindred Tales | Lyndsay and Moro | Neighbourhood Skate Club