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Tell us a bit about From Roses and what inspires you?

I’m a lifestyle blogger and photographer. I specialise in helping small brands and businesses tell their visual story throughout lifestyle imagery for their social media channels and website as well as helping to manage their social media platforms. I take a huge amount of influence from the outdoors, especially the Peak District which we fortunately live so close to. Once my dogs came into my life there was a huge shift in my work as my blog and Instagram was once heavily beauty and fashion focused and now it’s very much about the places I explore and a slow life in the Derbyshire countryside.

Tell us about Josie and Edie and how they both came into your life?

Josie’s a whippet x lurcher and she came into our lives in 2017, she was our first dog as a couple and what made myself and my now fiancé fall head over heels with sighthounds. I’d just moved in with Roo and I simply couldn’t bear to live without a dog after leaving my family dog Bella, so we began the search for our own dog. A lot of heartache came from trying to rescue a dog, we found ourselves at a huge loss so we decided as Roo had never had a dog before we would get a puppy and we found Josie. From day one she’s always been so independent and free spirited but is never far from my side, especially when Roo was still working as a session musician and touring the world. For the first year of her life it was very much just Josie and I, but I knew she really would be happier with a sibling so started the search. After months of looking we saw a little blue whippet puppy who needed a new home as her owner’s life had sadly drastically changed for the worst overnight and he knew he couldn’t give her the life she needed. From day one Josie and Edie have been the best of friends, we were so lucky with how quickly they bonded together and their relationship is truly one of the most wonderful things.

How does having two dogs fit into your general working day?

I’m someone who loves and thrives from routine so that really benefits Josie and Edie. I actually find having two dogs a lot easier than just having one as they keep each other company. Josie and Edie completely meet their breed stereotypes too they’re exceptionally lazy and more than happy to lounge around on the sofa whether I’m sat at my desk or photographing for a brand. They go on a long walk in the morning as long as the weather isn’t too bad and then they’re set for the day and leave me in peace (apart from a few cuddles in between of course) to do whatever I need to.

When you’re not working where do you like to head out with the dogs?

The Peak District is where we love to go, of course lately we’ve not managed to get up there and have stayed locally. We’re so fortunate with the abundance of walks in our local area and if we’re off work we love to walk to Hardwick Hall or head to Clumber Park. Anywhere Josie & Edie can have a good run around is always a priority though.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk, and what do you carry them in?

For us we always make sure we’re well equipped with a jumper, coat, a blanket, falconry bells to attach to Josie’s collar as she’s so light footed we can’t hear her, and tasty treats for training. Something I didn’t realise until I got my own dogs is that the training never really stops, especially with recall as we like Josie and Edie to be off lead as much as they can so they can explore the world at their own pace. I have a couple of bags that I like to use, a simple small shoulder bag for day to day that I can pop my camera in as well as everything Josie and Edie need. If we go out further afield, I always take my Kanken backpack as that fits everything we all need in.

What adventures do you have planned with Josie and Edie for later this year?

Hopefully a lot of weekend adventures to the Peak District and maybe even our Scotland road trip that got cancelled last year will happen this year. Whatever we do, Josie and Edie will be by our side.

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Kindred Tales | Rebecca, Josie and Edie | From Roses