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Home Journal Kindred Tales | Sophie and Stanley | Grain & Knot

Tell us a bit about Grain and Knot and how it all started?

Initially I started carving as a way to keep my hands busy, and a creative outlet that distracted me from a job that wasn’t what I’d hoped for. I got made redundant and was already thinking of ways to make my creative outlet more of a reality. 7 years later it’s my full time job. I now make wooden utensils and objects for the home, all hand carved.

Tell us about Stanley and how he came into your life.

I’ve always wanted my own dog, but living in London it wasn’t an option until I had my own place with a garden. As soon as I did, I started researching breeders and rescue centres. I was turned down by a few rescue centres as I hadn’t had a sighthound before, which was a real shame. Eventually I came across a breeder who was having trouble finding homes for the last 2 pups. Stanley was one of 9 and the majority of his litter mates were Blue and got snapped up immediately. We went to visit a few times and fell in love instantly.

How does your Stanley fit into your general working day?

Stanley is a fairly lazy dog being a whippet, but he gets up with me and has his breakfast by 9am. He usually then goes back to bed until noon when we go out for a walk. I live near Crystal Palace park which is great for him to meet other dogs. He normally heads back to bed after a walk but without fail comes into the studio at 5:45 to remind me that I need to feed him at 6!

If it’s a hot day we head out before breakfast as he really struggles in the heat, then go out for an evening walk too.

When you’re not working where do you like to hang out with Stanley?

Normally we can be found in the woods in Kent, where my boyfriend Jack lives. It’s very secluded and gives Stanley lots of opportunity to run around and play. He can be a bit boisterous with other dogs so having lots of space to run around does him the world of good.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk, and what do you carry them in?

I always have toys; Stanley is obsessed with toys and as soon as he sees another dog always wants to share with them. Hand sanitiser, wipes, poo bags, treats and water. I use my rains box bag as I can wipe away slobber.

You can shop Sophie's beautiful work for Grain & Knot Here and Follow her and Stanley's adventures together on instagram.

Kindred Tales | Sophie and Stanley | Grain & Knot