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Tell us a bit about Wilton London and how it all started

I started Wilton London because I didn’t like any of the cleaning products I used. They were either cheap and nasty with all sorts of horrible chemicals and no eco credentials. Or, they were really expensive with questionable eco-friendly formulas and didn’t work. So, I decided to create Wilton botanical cleaning products. Our formulas are biodegradable, eco-friendly, Vegan Society registered, not tested on animals (Ted’s favourite bit) and they smell really good because they’re packed with natural essential oils. I think scent is really important in cleaning products, we all love our home to smell great after all.

Tell us about Ted and how he came into your life.

Ted was a happy accident. I met Ted in the same week I met my partner. Ted was my partners housemate’s pooch. Me and my partner grew to LOVE Ted and he became a big part of our lives. When we moved home, we started sharing the responsibility with our old housemate but after a while Ted was with us more and more until he became a part of the furniture.

How does your Ted fit into your general working day?

I work on Wilton from home most of the time, and Ted must be Wilton’s first employee – he’s our receptionist. By receptionist I mean he barks to let me know when someone’s at the door and does his best to squeeze past me as I open the door to say hello to whoever is there - he’s best mates with the delivery guys. Ted inspired us to register with the Vegan Society, we love animals and wanted to make a commitment to no animal testing and protecting animals from human exploitation.

The best bit about having Ted at work, is he makes me take a break. Without fail, around 1pm he puts his head on my knees, looks up at me with his big black eyes to say ‘Walk?’. A casual stroll around an east London park with your pooch is a great way to take check and reenergise for the second half of your day.

When you’re not working where do you like to hang out with the dog?

Ted’s getting on a bit, he’s started to develop a bit of arthritis in his hips, but that hasn’t meant he doesn’t still act like a puppy. He loves to go for a swim anywhere there’s water, but his favourite spot is Victoria Park in East London. The big pond cools him down on a hot day and I think it’s good for his hips. Ted loves a holiday in the country - he hates getting in the car, but I think he’s starting to figure out that when we get in the car, we’re usually off to the country where he can run off his lead.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk, and what do you carry them in?

A ball! Ted’s a simple soul. A brand-new tennis ball has to be one of Ted’s favourite things. He can sniff them out of bushes, drawers and locked safes! I don’t need to carry it luckily; Ted takes care of that . . . until he spots a squirrel.

What adventures do you have planned with Ted have planned for later this year?

Well last NYE we rented a cottage with my family on the coast of Loch Ness. It was like a dream for Ted. He loves to swim; long walks and he loves my family – what more could he want out of a holiday. When it’s safe to do so and the Covid19 crisis quietens down, we plan to make a trip back up with dog in tow.

You can follow Sam's and Ted's adventures to gather on the Wilton London Instagram page and shop the beautiful products HERE

Kindred Tales | Sam & Ted | Wilton London