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Product Care

About our leather

Renowned as one of the most environmentally friendly methods, vegetable tanning eliminates all harsh chemicals and preservatives in the tanning process. Instead, the vegetable tannins originate from organic materials such as chestnut, oak and tree bark, producing its unique natural colouring. This leather is strong and resilient and will build up a beautiful patina that is individual to each dog over time. This will include the colour darkening which will happen quicker if the leather gets wet regularly. 

Looking after your collar and lead

We advise every now and then adding a bit of natural leather wax to the collar or lead to help keep the leather clean and supple. To apply the wax, it’s a good idea to use a microfibre cloth to prevent any scratching. Because vegetable tanned leather is a natural product, you want to stay away from chemical cleaning agents as much as you can.

You can also use Brasso metal polish to help polish up the brass fittings if they become dull. If the clasp on the lead becomes stiff, a spray of WD-40 will help loosen it and remove any built up dirt.

What to do if the collar gets wet

Keep vegetable tanned leather away from water for at least the first month or so of use, as this will allow the leather fibres time to soften and absorb oils, which will increase its natural water resistance. Even though the natural oils from your dog's coat will keep the leather supple, there are some things to be aware of to make sure their leather goods last a lifetime, if in the instance your dog decides to take a dip.

The fibres will react to water by stiffening and shrinking. Never put the wet collar on a direct heat source to dry, as this will weaken and crack the leather and lead to it tearing. Instead, leave the collar to dry naturally. 

As our collars are made of natural leather, we do not advise them being worn if your dog is a regular swimmer, as this will significantly shorten the lifespan of the collar.  Imagine the damage that would happen to a leather pair of shoes if you wore them every time you went swimming.

Please note, as our collars have been naturally dyed, we advise against owners buying the navy or green collar for white dogs as the colour may run if the collar gets heavily soaked.

If you have any questions about the care of your kintails items please contact shop@kintails.com

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