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Home Journal A Kintails Christmas Tail ' The Story of a Naughty Cod Fish' part 1

A Kintails Christmas Tail ' The Story of a Naughty Cod Fish' part 1

Once upon a frosty winter in a little town, there lived a mischievous Border Terrier named George. George was known far and wide for his impeccable manners and charming demeanor. However, his household was about to be turned upside down with the arrival of Cod Fish, a cheeky and incredibly naughty puppy.

As Christmas approached, George couldn't shake the worry that Santa Paws might decide to skip their house this year because of Cod's notorious antics. Cod, with his boundless energy, had a knack for stealing toys, pulling on the lead like a sled dog in a race, and making mealtimes resemble a food fight.

Determined to save Christmas for the whole neighborhood, George hatched a plan. He decided to take Cod on a tour around town, visiting all their furry friends who were well-versed in proper dog etiquette. George thought that perhaps if Cod learned some manners, Santa Paws might just be convinced to leave a special treat under their tree.

Their first stop was with Otis, the coolest Cockapoo in Hackney, who taught Cod how to walk gracefully on a lead without zigzagging or causing a tangled mess. Next up was Maggie, the Frenchie, who shared her stash of toys and patiently demonstrated how to play without snatching from others. And then, there was Kira, the patient English Setter, who instructed Cod on the fine art of eating without turning it into a canine buffet.

Day by day, Cod learned valuable lessons from each of their friends. He became a diligent student, trying his best to follow the rules and behave like a proper pooch. Christmas Eve finally arrived, and George felt a mix of pride and relief as Cod demonstrated his newfound manners.


Artwork by Paper and Jen

A Kintails Christmas Tail ' The Story of a Naughty Cod Fish' part 1